Posted by: robbryan | November 30, 2012

Press Release:

On November 14, 2012, in Indianapolis, Indiana, Americans for Community Development (ACD) hosted a conference on the groundbreaking concept of implementing the L3C business structure as a form of organization for colleges and universities, using the L3C model to create opportunity ecosystems within the higher education system. Clipboard01

This conference was facilitated by the Lumina Foundation and held at their headquarters in Indianapolis. This meeting was the first of its kind in history bringing together a group of professionals from within higher education, business, law and philanthropy. Over the course of the day the main topic of discussion was how to connect higher education, job creation, entrepreneurship and economic development with the L3C business model as an organizational structure for colleges and universities. This concept “reflects a totally new way of thinking about higher education and how to organize it”.

L3C institutions will be individually unique but will resemble each other in underlying structure. This is a fresh outlook on the organization of colleges and universities that create holistic environments in which institutions are giving back to the students and communities and the students and communities are giving back to the institutions therefore creating opportunity ecosystems that thrive.

The very first L3C university, Rockport University L3C, was formed just prior to the conference and conference attendees were asked to contribute intellectually to its development. A large number of the attendees asked to be part of a taskforce ACD is forming to advance the concept of L3C colleges and universities. ACD thanks Rob Bryan from Windhorse Lightships, L3C for being one of the small group we invited to participate in this ground-breaking event.

Windhorse Lightships, L3C is developing an experiential education program that will operate in concert with it’s volunteer “Citizen Scientist” research program. Students will receive college credits for courses in Nautical Science, Oceanography, Directed Oceanographic Research, Biological Oceanography and others, all conducted at sea, aboard Windhorse Lightships’ fleet of carbon neutral research vessels. Students will also have the opportunity to receive technical training and certification in ROV operations and piloting, submersible operations and piloting, technical and research diving, and seamanship, with the objective of producing well rounded and experienced marine scientists and environmental advocates.

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